Extra Curricular Activities

Physical Health Education

Course on Physical Health Education is available under the experienced teacher, Md. Toorab Ali, Associate Professor of Physical Health Education.

National Cadet Corps

The college has well-disciplined contingents of NCC Army Wings provided by the 14 (M) Bn. Under the charge of trained and experienced officer Lt. Th. Ibotombi Sigh, A.N.O. to facilitate the active participation of the students in the social programme like Blood disaster management, Traffic Awareness etc. There are two sparate wings for boys and girls. NCC provides the students the way of personality development, sense of national integration, patriotism, kindness and perseverance of nature of a conducive atmosphere for the generations to come. Any student of the college may joint NCC subject to physical fitness. Students who want to join this training are advised to contact the ANO.

Excursion /Study Tour

External/Internal study tour for science subjects compulsory for every students as prescribed by the University from time to time as a part of the course who are enrolled in the course of the degree course.

Co- Curricular activities

Under experienced teachers to build up their personalities and leadership qualities inside the students of this college, we are going to organize co-curricular activities such as:

Spoken English Ex-tempore speech
Feedback programme Public Speaking
Civic sense Debating competition
Office decorum One act play
Programme decorum Group discussion
Etiquette & manners Quiz contest
Legal rights of citizen Disaster management

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